What Should I Do If The Gearbox Oil Temperature Is High?
Dec 25, 2018

The speed of the wind wheel is very low, far from the speed required by the electromechanical power generation. It must be realized by the speed increasing action of the gear box gear pair. Therefore, the gear box is also called the speed increasing box.

The gearbox oil temperature should not exceed 80 ゚C, and the temperature difference between the bifurcated bearings must not exceed 15 ゚C. The general gearbox is equipped with a cooler and a heater. When the oil temperature is 10 ゚C, the heater will automatically heat the oil pool; when the oil temperature is higher than 65 ゚C, the oil circuit will automatically enter and cool. The pipeline is cooled and cooled before entering the lubricating oil circuit. If the gear box is abnormally hot, it should be carefully observed to determine the cause of the failure. First check the lubrication supply is full, especially at the main lubrication points, you must have enough oil lubrication and cooling. Again, check for any stuck parts of the drive components. Also check the vibration of the unit, whether it is loose before and after, etc.

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