Flowmeter Failure Analysis
Dec 25, 2018

(1) When the flow control instrument system indicates that the value reaches the minimum, first check the on-site detection instrument. If it is normal, the fault is displayed on the instrument. When the on-site instrumentation indicator is also the smallest, check the valve opening degree. If the valve opening degree is zero, it is often a fault between the regulator valve and the regulator. When the on-site detection instrument indicates the minimum, the adjustment valve opening degree is normal, and the cause of the failure may be caused by insufficient system pressure, system pipeline blockage, pump failure, medium crystallization, improper operation, and the like. If it is a malfunction of the instrument, the reasons are: the orifice differential pressure flowmeter may be a positive pressure pressure conduit plug; the differential pressure transmitter positive pressure chamber leak; the mechanical flowmeter is a gear stuck or a filter plug.

(2) When the flow control instrument system indicates that the value reaches the maximum, the instrumentation will often indicate the maximum. At this time, the manual remote control valve can be opened or closed. If the flow rate can be lowered, it is generally caused by the process operation. If the flow value does not fall, it is caused by the instrument system. Check whether the regulating valve of the flow control instrument system is operating; check whether the measuring system is normal; check whether the signal transmission system of the instrument is normal.

(3) The flow control instrument system indicates that the value fluctuates frequently, and the control can be changed to manual. If the fluctuation is reduced, the instrument is the cause or the instrument control parameter PID is not suitable. If the fluctuation is still frequent, it is the process operation. Caused by.

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