Analysis Of Gearbox Wear Failure
Dec 25, 2018

Gearbox wear is very common. During the operation of the gearbox, the sliding between the two mutually bonded gears between the bearing rolling elements and the ferrule will cause wear on the contact surfaces of the parts. In addition, impurities and electrochemical reactions that penetrate into the gearbox can cause surface damage to the parts.

The friction self-repair mechanism mainly includes the following: adsorption self-repair mechanism; friction chemical self-repair mechanism; penetration self-repair mechanism; glaze self-repair mechanism; nano metal particle self-repair mechanism; micro-nano mineral powder additive self-repair mechanism.

The wear and self-repair of the bearings and gears in the gearbox is mainly to add an oil-soluble friction reducing additive with a polar element or a non-oil-soluble solid particle suspended in the oil to the gear box.

During the operation of the gearbox, these particles diffuse into the microscopic surface of the friction, and undergo a tribochemical reaction with the worn surface of the gear or bearing, depositing and filling the uneven wear surface to form a repair film with anti-wear and anti-friction, and improve friction. The lubricity of the surface prevents direct contact of interacting parts to reduce friction and wear and prolong service life.

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