Quarter Turn Gearbox

  • Partial Wheel Worm Gearbox

    Quarter turn Gearbox is combined with Multi-turn actuators for quarter-turn applications. It can operate quarter-turn valves and damper for high performance of torque,like ball valve, butterfly valve, etc. Combinations between quarter-turn Gearbox and Multi-turn actuator AVA...
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  • Full Wheel Worm Gearbox

    Quarter turn Gearbox QW is full worm gearbox, which can operate 360 degree for quarter turn application, mainly used for butterfly valve, ball valve and damper, manual or motorized operation is optional. The torque is available up to 11250Nm, QW range ratio is from 51:1 to...
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  • IP68 Worm Gearbox

    Greatork IP68 gearbox is designed on the basic of standard gearbox, the seal part has enhenced for IP68 application, it's mainly used for butterfly valve, ball valve and damper, can work under water for long time, the torque max can reach 400,000Nm when connect with...
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  • Minus 60℃ Low Temperature Gearbox

    Greatork minus 60℃ low temperature gearbox mainly used to extreme low temperature enviroment, especially for North China area, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, the torque is as same as standard temeprature worm gearbox, but replaced inside spares to meet extreme low...
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