Declutch Override Gearbox

  • Worm Gear Reducer

    ZJY side mount gearbox is mainly designed for convenience of manual operation or actuator products installation, it's mainly used to operated butterfly valve, ball valve, damper and other quarter turn valve, the max torque can reach 100,000Nm, water tight class is IP65,...
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  • Worm Drive Gearbox

    ZJYZ top mount worm gearbox is used for butterfly valve, plug valve and ball valve, with this gearbox, user can vertically install hand wheel or actuators, gearbox max torque 400,000Nm, ratio from 102:1 to 13150:1, can customize according requirement.
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  • Pneumatic Actuator Gearbox

    Declutch Override Gearbox is used for auto/pntumatic switch for pneumatic acutators, when gas power fails, user can operate the gearbox to open/close pneumatic actuator. The input torque from 17Nm to 110Nm, output torque max can reach 7000Nm. The gearbox adopt WCB body with...
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