• Partial Wheel Worm Gearbox

    Quarter turn Gearbox is combined with Multi-turn actuators for quarter-turn applications. It can operate quarter-turn valves and damper for high performance of torque,like ball valve, butterfly valve, etc. Combinations between quarter-turn Gearbox and Multi-turn actuator AVA...
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  • Full Wheel Worm Gearbox

    Quarter turn Gearbox QW is full worm gearbox, which can operate 360 degree for quarter turn application, mainly used for butterfly valve, ball valve and damper, manual or motorized operation is optional. The torque is available up to 11250Nm, QW range ratio is from 51:1 to...
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  • IP68 Worm Gearbox

    Greatork IP68 gearbox is designed on the basic of standard gearbox, the seal part has enhenced for IP68 application, it's mainly used for butterfly valve, ball valve and damper, can work under water for long time, the torque max can reach 400,000Nm when connect with...
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  • Minus 60℃ Low Temperature Gearbox

    Greatork minus 60℃ low temperature gearbox mainly used to extreme low temperature enviroment, especially for North China area, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, the torque is as same as standard temeprature worm gearbox, but replaced inside spares to meet extreme low...
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  • Worm Gear Reducer

    ZJY side mount gearbox is mainly designed for convenience of manual operation or actuator products installation, it's mainly used to operated butterfly valve, ball valve, damper and other quarter turn valve, the max torque can reach 100,000Nm, water tight class is IP65,...
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  • Worm Drive Gearbox

    ZJYZ top mount worm gearbox is used for butterfly valve, plug valve and ball valve, with this gearbox, user can vertically install hand wheel or actuators, gearbox max torque 400,000Nm, ratio from 102:1 to 13150:1, can customize according requirement.
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  • Pneumatic Actuator Gearbox

    Declutch Override Gearbox is used for auto/pntumatic switch for pneumatic acutators, when gas power fails, user can operate the gearbox to open/close pneumatic actuator. The input torque from 17Nm to 110Nm, output torque max can reach 7000Nm. The gearbox adopt WCB body with...
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  • Bevel Gearbox

    Multi-turn Gearbox BA is combined with Multi-turn actuators for multi-turn applications where screwed or keyed stems are used to operate the valve. Combinations between Multi-turn Gearbox BA and Multi-turn actuator AVA are available up to 7500Nm torque and 850 kN thrust...
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  • Dual Input Gearbox

    The dual input gearbox can be used for gate valve, globe valve and penstock, water tight IP65, ratio from 2.6:1 to 7:1, max torque can reach 6800Nm. One actuator can operate two gearboxs in the same time, most of time, it's installed to open/close big penstock, we can...
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  • Indication Gearbox

    The indication gearbox mainly used for gate valve, globe valve and penstock, help client observe valve position. Manual or motorized operation optional. With this mechanical pointer, client can easily know valve position even when actuator power fails.The gearbox water tight...
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  • Manual Spur Gearbox

    The manual spur gearbox is mainly used for pipe network valves, like gate valve, globe valve and penstock, it can installed at any angle, hand wheel size can design according client's project.Generally the ratio is 3,3.5,4.8, can be customized according operation time...
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  • Chain Bevel Gearbox

    The chain gearbox is mainly used for gate valve and globe valve, gearbox ratio from 2.35 to 23, torque from 360Nm to 6000Nm, flange from F12 to F35 according to ISO5210, standard gearbox is IP67 and -20℃ application, for IP68 or lower temperature, welcome conatct us for detail.
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