Pneumatic Actuator

  • Two Piston Pneumatic Actuator

    1. Pinion and rack structure(2 pistons) 2. Size: PAS032 to PAS400(inside diameter) 3. Working pressure: 3 to 8 bar 4. Switch angles: 0 to 90° ; , ± 5 ° Adjustable 5. Acting: Double acting; Spring return(single acting) 6. Double coatings: Anodize hardening coating(more than...
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  • 4X4 Pneumatic Actuator

    Greatork Compact Pneumatic Actuator 4x4 utilizes carbon steel pistons that allow for higher cycles because of their greater strength. *Viton seals in the piston drive shaft also lead to higher cycles. Inside surface finish (Ra 0.4 - 0.6um) to minimize friction and to maximize...
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  • Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

    PAA series scotch yoke actuator was designed with balance, high strength, high efficient stroke, multi-function modules fetures, compact appearance, widely applied in oil and marine fields. It incorporate over three stages of internal and external coatings to resist severe...
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  • 180° Fail Safe Pneumatic Actuator

    The 180° spring return actuator with 90° fail safety position is used for 0°-90°-180° operations where in case of air failure the actuator has to return to the 90° position. At both ends of the actuator a spring set is mounted and the compression on both sides of the springs...
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  • 180°double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

    0-180°double acting pneumatic actuator is designed on the basic of two piston pneumatic actuator, suitable for 0-180 degree action valves. It use aluminum body, suitable for pressure from 3 bar to 8 bar. The torque from 34Nm to 910Nm. It has passed ATEX and CE approval, can...
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