• Multi Turn Actuator

    Multi-turn Actuator AVA01 ~ AVA10 suitable for Globe valves, Gate valves, sluice valves, penstock and some dampers. AVA01 ~ AVA10 combined with BA bevel gearbox max can reach 100,000Nm. AVA01 ~ AVA10 combined with ZJ worm gearbox for large torque ball valves, butterfly valves...
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  • Standard Quarter Turn Electro Hydraulic Actuator

    Quarter turn Electro-Hydraulic Actuator YKT series is installed on the automation of part turn valve, like ball valves and butterfly valves. ·Output torque 60Nm~120KNm(45ft-lbf to 88495ft-lbf) ·Fast response speed(5Hz), high control accuracy(<0.1% of full stroke) ·Optional...
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  • Solar Power Gas Over Oil Actuator

    Solar power Gas over oil actuator can provide power to gas over oil acutator when there is no external power supply at undevelped area. When there is any sunshine, the solar power board will start store 24V power for actuator and feedback actuator status to remote control room.
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  • Quarter Turn Actuator

    Quarter turn Actuator AVAT/AVATM01 - AVATM06 are installed on the automation of ball valves and butterfly valves. Quarter turn Actuator AVAT/AVATM01 - AVATM06 can be combined with lever if it is required. Quarter turn Actuator AVAT01 - AVAT06 torque range is from 125Nm to...
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  • Smart Quarter Turn Intelligent Actuator

    Quarter turn Actuator AVAR/AVARM5 ~ AVAR/AVARM100 are suitable for ball valves and butterfly valves. Quarter turn Actuator AVAR/AVARM5 ~ AVAR/AVARM100 can be combined with lever if it is required.. Quarter turn Actuator AVAR5 ~ AVAR100 torque range is from 50Nm to 500Nm...
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  • Linear Electric Valve Actuator

    Linear Actuator AVAMD01 ~ AVAMD05 are suitable for control valves, such as Globe valves. Linear Actuator AVAMD01 ~AVAMD05 modulating thrust range is from (8.1KN-45.5KN) ·Voltage Supply: 110Vac ~ 660Vac, 50Hz/60Hz, single or three phase. ·Enclosure Protection: IP68,...
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  • Spring Return Fail Safe Actuator

    Our spring return actuator integrated spring driven pinion and rack mechanism to provide torque ranges from 50Nm to 260Nm.When power is supplied, the spring mechanism is compressed to store energy for movement. Once the power is lost, actuator will be driven to fail safe...
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  • Batterfy Backup Fail Safe Actuator

    Batterfy backup fail safe actuator equiped with lithium battery, when power lost, actuator will auto move to set fail close or open open positin, the battery can support 5 times open/close stroke, when power reconnected, battery will charge by itself,no need to replace...
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  • Small Multi Turn Actuator

    Small multi turn actuator AVAL is designed for small gate valve, globe valve and diaphragm valve. Torque: 15Nm to 80Nm Number of turns: 0-16 turns Advantage: small size and torque, light weight, free maintenance and cost efficiency. Voltage support 110V and 220V, for other...
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  • Subminiature Electric Actuator

    The subminiature actuator is designed for small butterfly valve(<DN40) and ball valve(<DN32), the size is small than a beverage can, the weight is only 1.2KG, can be installed at any position with any angle. Torque: 9-18Nm Operation time 7-60s Voltage: DC24±10% Max nunber of...
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  • Fast Electric Actuator

    ACLK sereis fast open type actuator is designed for fast operation requirement of butterfly valve and ball valve, can support DC24v, AC24V, AC110V, AC220 and AC380V, for other voltage, welcome contact us. Torque: 15-1200Nm Operation time: 2-12s Adjustable angle: 0-270 degree...
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  • Mechanical Electric Actuator

    AVAZ type mechanical multi turn actuator used for gate valve and globe valve, torque range from 100Nm to 5000Nm. it has auto phase correction, phase alarm, non intrusive design and over heat protection, can be installed at any position with any angle. Voltage: 110V, 220V,...
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