• Gearbox Handwheel

    The hand wheel is common spares for actuator or gearbox, generally the actuator is very hard, seldom break during the whole period of actuator service life. For gearbox hand wheel, besides standard hand wheel size, we also provide customized service, send us gearbox hand...
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  • Actuator Control Card

    Main PCB board is key part of electric actuator, Greatork has a strong techanical team, we develop the program, designa and produce the electroni parts by ourself. The main PCB board is common for all type Greatork actuators, one main PCB board is suitable for all model...
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  • Electric Valve Actuator Motor

    Actuator motor is power source of electric actuator, we have a 50,000 square meter factory, nearly all parts are processed by ourself, including motor, we custmize motor according different countries and voltage, like 110V, 220V, 230V, 380V, 415V, 440V, 520V, 690V, 50Hz or...
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  • Linear Actuator Bracket

    The linear bracket is spare parts for linear actuator, the linear bracket mainly combined with multi turn actuator to operate control valve or open close type linear valve. The thrust of linear actuator is from 8.1KN to 32KN, for higher thrust, welcome Greatork for more info.
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  • Worm Gearbox Lever

    The gearbox lever is mainly used for damper, it's the connection part between worm gearbox and damper, there is pedestal to fix the lever bracket to earth or other hard surface, the length and size of the lever can be customized according client's specific...
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  • Special Valve Gearbox

    Greatork produce various gearbox, including bevel gearbox, worm gearbox, supr gearbox, extreme low temperature gearbox and IP68 water tight gearobx, we have strong design team and large production facility, can help client customize various gearbox according specific...
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  • Valve Actuator Limit Switch

    The limit switch is spare part for pneumatic actuator, electro hydraulic actuator and pneumatic hydraulic actuator, it has mechanical micro switch, IP68, ATEX or SIL approved, it has features like strong shell, small size, easy installation and repair. When there is any...
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  • Actuator Linkage(suitable for Rotork SIPOS Bernard and Auma)

    The actuator linkage use to connect actuator with control valve, the ball bearing structure has advantage of flexiable, accurate, big twist angle. The linkage is very easy to install, adjust and maintain, suitable for nearly all type actuators, not only Greatork actuator, but...
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